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We are the Leading Community of Women and Youth-Owned Small Businesses.

Everyday, we empower Small Businesses like yours to grow
  • by supporting you to market and sell your products online (e-commerce) and
  • access collateral-free or unsecured loans.

How we Help

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Our E-commerce 4 Small Businesses Program offer practical hands-on skills and tools for Small Businesses to market and sell online.

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Business Loans

Small Businesses access collateral free financing through our financial partners.

We equip you with financial skills and tools through our Small Business MONEY program.


Market Access

As a Small Business Owner, you can promote your products on the Shop@SmallBusiness platform at no cost.

Our Programs

We offer a series of programs, events and campaigns to help your Small Business grow.

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Shop At A Small Business

Shop@SmallBusiness is an initiative that celebrates Small Businesses in Kenya and encourages consumers to shop at a small business within their location. A Shop@SmallBusiness annual campaign is organized every December.


There are no charges applicable for Small Businesses to market and sell their products and services on the Shop@SmallBusiness website.

E-commerce 4 Small Businesses

The E-commerce Program offers practical's skills and tools to small businesses to market and sell their products and services on social media platforms (social commerce), Google, online shops and websites.


Biashara Africa has partnered with Google to enable Small Businesses register their businesses on Google Business Profile enabling them to engage CUSTOMERS directly on Google.

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Small Business Money

Small Business MONEY

This is a Financial Literacy program that equips Small Business Owners with tools, knowledge and information to make money and manage their finances.


The program also empowers Small Businesses Owners to access business loans through our financial partners.

Small Business Awards

Small Business Awards (SBA) is an initiative of Biashara Africa that recognizes Women and Youth Owned Small Businesses in Kenya that have demonstrated exceptional performance in innovation, sustainability, social responsibility, customer value, and financial performance AND Organizations that support these Small Businesses to thrive.

Small Businesses Everyday

Why We Believe In Small Businesses

Small Businesses are the backbone of our families, communities and economy.

They are LOCAL

The business next to where you live and work is likely a Small Business.

They Create JOBS

Small Businesses contribute to over 60% of jobs.

Impact Local ECONOMY

Small Businesses contribute to over 40% of GDP.


Thank You For Supporting Small Businesses. This is what they had to say.




"Thank you for support our Small Biz. You were our first online client"

Elijah Njoroge, Fashion

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"Thank you for ordering from us, we felt encouraged"

Joy Chepkorir, DiY/ Home Decor

Small Business 5

"You kept us going, thanks mtu wangu"

Atieno Okoth , Cakes & Pastry

Our past projects


Commonwealth Women in Business E-commerce Project

Developed the Commonwealth e-Marketplace and supported over 500 Women in Africa and UK to adopt e-commerce (2019/2021).

Some of our Partners

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Synapis Group
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Wylde International

We have impacted over 10,000 Small Businesses in 12 countries and growing.

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Biashara Africa is a proud member of the United Nations Global Compact

The world’s largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative.


Biashara Africa's CEO is a member of the African Customs Policy Network

The network brings together practitioners and professionals of intra-Africa trade with an aim to create awareness and promote policies that support trade within the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)

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