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Our Business everyday is to empower Small Businesses to GROW.

Biashara Africa is a community of Small Businesses that champions digital and financial inclusion to empower and accelerate small businesses to growth with an aim of creating sustainable livelihoods and employment in Africa.

Our programs prioritizes the needs of Women and Youth Owned Businesses.


With an African working age population of over 50%, small businesses remain the primary job creation engine and source of livelihood, accounting for over 80% of firms and 60% to 70% of employment. Despite the role they play; these enterprises are economically fragile with over 70% of them failing within 5 years mainly due to low sales/ revenue, informal operations and lack of data.

Biashara Africa is solving these challenges by enabling small businesses adopt e-commerce and access collateral free financing.

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To create sustainable livelihoods and employment in Africa by enabling small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow and create wealth.


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To empower African small businesses by championing digital and financial inclusion.


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Innovation, Passion, Excellence and Impact oriented.


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