Small Business Toolkit

The Toolkit is a self service collection of Financial and Digital Tools and Resources designed to help you effectively Manage your Finances, Make Money, Access Financing, Achieve your Financial Goals, and Make Informed Financial Decisions.

Small Business Loan Options


Pezesha Marketplace App

1. Loan tenures and interest rates :
- 7 days - 2%, 14 days - 3.5% and 30 days and above - 6%
2.Maximum duration - 12 months
3.Loan amounts - Kes 10,000 - 2M.
4. Requirements:
- Mpesa statement 6 -12 Months,Till or bank statement.
- Business permit / certificate of registration 

When applying select Biashara Africa under Partner for ease of support.


Equity Bank

Loan packages are designed for your business needs and requirements. Other services include Pay with Equity. They are quick, flexible and accommodating.


Timiza by Absa Bank

Loan Amount: Kes.1K - 300K, Interest Rate: 1.56% & Repayment Period:1 month. Dial *848# or download the Timiza App on your phone.


Hustler Fund

Loan Amount: From Kes.500 onwards, Interest Rate: 8% & Repayment Period: 1 - 12 Months. Register and access the Hustler Fund on any Mobile Network by dialing *254#

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Buy Electronic & Furniture Items With a Monthly Payment Plan

Loan Amount: Kes.5K - 500K, Interest Rate: 5.5%, Repayment Period: 2-12 Months
and Insurance /Processing fee of 10% of the value (Paid upfront).

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Stock and Asset Loan

Loan Amount: Kes.500K- 5M, Interest Rate: 4.5%, Repayment Period: 2 - 12 Months, Insurance /Processing fee of 12.5% of the value (Paid upfront).

Tools to help you Manage your Customers and Customers' Debt

These Tools will help you maintain your customers' information, and get paid.


Pay with Equity

Pay with Equity (PWE) (previously known as EazzyPay) is the Bank’s mobile acquiring platform that enables mobile subscribers to pay for goods and services easily and conveniently to one merchant Till Number.

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Pay with Lipa later / Sky Garden Marketplace

List on Lipa Later to increase your customer reach and allow your customers pay with an affordable monthly payment plan. Learn More on



Enables you to record your revenue, expenses, inventory, customer information, customer credit and Payments. To access Digikua, Dial *384*50# or Send start to +18333391229 on WhatsApp.


Zoho: Tool for Record and Bookkeeping

Zoho provides an online accounting software and other solutions designed for small businesses. Learn More

MSEA Constituency Industrial Development Centers (CIDC)

The Constituency Industrial Development Centers (CIDCs) countrywide provide machinery to support MSEs in manufacturing.

Micro and Small Enterprise Authority (MSEA) is a state corporation that is mandated to formulate and coordinate policies that will facilitate the integration and harmonization of various public and private sector initiatives for the promotion, development and regulation of the micro and small enterprises to become key industries of tomorrow. Learn more

Jobs Worker

Widu Africa: Small Business Grants is implemented by GIZ GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in collaboration with the African diaspora in Europe, WIDU applies an innovative approach that combines funding and coaching to strengthen new and existing small businesses in Africa, which then leads to the creation of new jobs. 

GiftPesa: Customer Vouchers

Giftpesa is a universal gifting platform that automates the entire process of buying, distribution and use of vouchers. We provide flexibility and wide selection of merchants to our customers. To signup, send an email to or call +254793672742


Biashara Studio: Design Tools for your Branding and Marketing Needs

Canva: For posters, flyers banners and other social media posts
Postermywall: For posters and flyers designs, social media posts
Smashinglogo: For logo designs and other business identities
Freepik: For quality free vectors and jpeg images for your design work
JALI CHATBOT BY MOH - 0700719719 - 356429926_643685897786361_2154328796358192284_n

Health & Wellness

As a Business Owner, we know how important your Mental health and Wellness is. Get support on your wellness by chatting with Jali, a Health and Wellness WhatsApp chatbot by the Ministry of Health Kenya by sending Hi on WhatsApp to 0700719719.


Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

Protect your business from cyber threats with this free Cybersecurity Toolkit in in collaboration with GIZ Kenya and GFA Consulting Group GmbH.

Discover how our cybersecurity toolkit can empower your business in Kenya. With an increasing number of businesses conducting operations online, the threat of cybercrime looms large. The toolkit offers free, trusted products from leading cybersecurity companies to bolster your defenses against potential attacks. Whether you are working from a computer, smartphone, or tablet, our user-friendly tools are tailored to suit your business needs. Take control of your cybersecurity today.

Recordings for the Small Business MONEY Program 2023

The Small Business MONEY Program is a Financial Education Program that equips Women, Youth and PWD Owned Small Businesses with Practical Skills, Knowledge and Tools through Training and Mentorship.

The objective of the program is to empower these Small Businesses Owners to make money, improve their credit scores and access financing.

Our various Partners and Experts' extensive knowledge and practical insights into various financial aspects of running a small business have provided our #SmallBusinessOwners with a solid foundation to navigate the complex world of finance.

Recordings for the Small Business MONEY Program 2023 sessions (6) are available on and

Small Business MONEY: resources

Navigating Small Business Financing: Strategies for Success

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Mastering Your Money: How to Stretch Your Paycheck Further with Smart Budgeting and Financial Choices

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